Property Assessment Appeals

At Monopoly Realty we are pleased to offer all of our clients Property Assessment Appeal services in addition to Real Estate Services and Property Management.

Tom Blumberg, President and Owner of Monopoly Realty, uses his 30 plus years of experience in the Winnipeg Residential and Commercial Real Estate Market to determine an Opinion of Value for your property. This Opinion of Value is the basis to determine if there is an opportunity to represent you through the Tax Appeal Process.

Tom and the team at Monopoly Realty have a comprehensive understanding of Winnipeg Real Estate market conditions. They are well positioned to initiate a “health check “or review of your property’s assessed value whether it be Residential, Condominium, Multi-Family, Commercial and Business Tax.

Using Monopoly Realty Property Assessment Appeal Services, property owners benefit by:

  • Having a professional review of the value of their property.
  • Confirming whether there is an opportunity to reduce your assessed value and whether you should proceed with your appeal.
  • Confirming whether a property is fairly assessed or not.
  • Confirming whether an appeal of the property assessment value would be an unprofitable investment of resources or that could actually create a situation where the property actually ends up with an increased assessment.

 In 2016 Monopoly Realty adopted a new pricing structure for Property Assessment Appeal Services to ensure consistency and the best value possible for our clients.

 Monopoly Realty’s fee for this service is 50 % of one-year tax savings:

  • Tax savings are calculated using an in depth calculation set by the city using the current mill rates.  A reduction in assessed value does not guarantee a reduction in actual taxes payable.  Rather a reduction in assessed value means that taxes will be calculated on that value.
  • If Monopoly Realty completes the Property Assessment appeal and is successful in achieving a reduction however the 50 % of 1-year tax savings is less than $ 245.00 plus GST, the minimum fee of $ 245.00 plus GST will be charged.
  • There are no additional fees for Property Assessment Appeal Services from Monopoly Realty.
  • There is a filing fee with the City of Winnipeg, which starts at $ 50.00 for Residential appeals. 

Regardless of whether your 2016 assessment value provides an increase or decrease, a complete “health check “of your property is always recommended to ensure that the assessment of your property is fair in relation to present market values.

Tom looks forward to representing you and achieving a successful Assessment appeal on your behalf. Please contact Tom by e-mail at info@monopolyrealty.ca or by phone at 204-477-1133.

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